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              【Conference Information】Zhuhai Heima Shining COA in the Thousand Islands City
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               The nineteenth orthopaedic conference of the Chinese medical association and the 12th COA international academic conference (COA) were held in zhuhai city, guangdong province from November 15 to 18, 2017.
              Meeting including practical with high and new, domestic and international high-quality goods curriculum, the various professional group conference speech, workshops, case discussion and operation demonstration, and other forms of communication the spread of new theories, new technology and communication, and in the form of posters showcase for orthopaedics fields by the latest research results and clinical progress. In addition, the "master forum" has been set up, especially inviting well-known experts from home and abroad to bring the most advanced orthopaedic concepts and technologies at home and abroad. The German orthopaedic association has sent a team of leading experts to the general assembly. In addition, COA2017 will launch the "orthopaedic lifetime achievement award", "orthopaedic innovation and transformation award" and the "orthopaedic international cooperation award" on the original basis.

              Professor Cai explaines to the visitors.

              Meeting to colleagues established broad platform for academic exchanges, the new technology and new theory in the field of orthopaedic focused, efficient communication and exchanges, and strengthen the communication and interaction between basic and clinical, both at home and abroad. This conference will promote the exchange of ideas and ideas of orthopaedic medicine and promote the progress and development of international orthopedics. It is an unprecedented event that the orthopaedic colleagues should never miss.

              The orthopaedic physical therapy equipment, such as zhuhai Heima and shockwave therapy apparatus, made a surprise appearance in COA for the first time, which won the praise of experts. Conference, a number of orthopedic rehabilitation industry higher-ups, shock wave, director of the expert committee of the China more he xing, professor, professor, director of the shock wave of liaoning province committee members Mr Li, shaanxi shockwave committee Sun Yindi professor, a shock wave expert committee of the standing committee of China Yan Jinyu Inner Mongolia medical university professor, and more than 30 in shaanxi and gansu province more than 20 each big hospital director of orthopaedic to Heima to visit our company, give black orthopaedic rehabilitation products greatly.




              As a manufacturer of innovative physical factor therapy equipment, Heima medicine is committed to the people's livelihood of science and technology and the creation of a healthy life. We always adhere to the customer needs as the starting point, focus on customer satisfaction, and on the basis of continuous innovation to strengthen customer service as the fundamental business philosophy. This COA conference is a good opportunity for us to communicate with each other and show our strength and courage to the exhibitors. The Heima gallop the pace never stops, still will not forget the original heart, the strength to move forward.

              亚洲影院 亚洲超清中文字幕无码 国产亚洲中文日韩欧美综合网

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