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              【Company Information】2017 Guangzhou Marathon Reproduces "Heima" style
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              At 7:30pm on December 10, 2017, the Guangzhou Marathon, the annual international event in Guangzhou, brings 30,000 people from the glamour tianhe sports center and runs along the pearl river.
              Founded in 2012, guangma has been awarded the gold medal by China athletics association for three consecutive years in 2014 and 2016, which is the high level marathon in China. As the "city, harmony and health" as the theme, with its competitive charm with the national fitness, the guangzhou Asian games has become the spirit, the development of the national fitness movement, advocate healthy way of life of a city of beautiful scenery.
              The wide marseille, Zhuhai Heima deep muscle stimulator (DMS) "to" event, to join hands in the first hospital affiliated to sun yat-sen university east hospital rehabilitation division, help participants to relieve muscle tension, relax soft tissue, present medical personnel and the athletes' consistent high praise.

              The game is about to start, and the Heima DMS is as good as the athletes, looking forward to galloping together.

              Health workers escort athletes.

              Many contestants lined up to use DMS.


              We are also trying to be stronger.

              On December 24, 2017, Heima will still help guangzhou huangpu marathon. Enthusiastic public welfare, continuous progress, Zhuhai Heima in the rehabilitation medicine of the road full run, look forward to meeting you, to escort you!


              亚洲影院 亚洲超清中文字幕无码 国产亚洲中文日韩欧美综合网

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